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Month: December 2015

Levitra in South Africa – Common Levitra side-effects

South Africans are now free to use quality well designed drugs that have been tested and approved for use. These drugs have powerful results and they always make users experience mild side-effects due to some changes in their bodies. Levitra is such a powerful drug that is sorely used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and impotence in men. It has been tested, approved and developed by some of the world highly experienced doctors who come up with unique samples to design reliable drugs. . Levitra (vardenafil) is believed to offer relaxation to the muscles and increase the flow of blood to other body parts. Users have complained of some mild side-effects after using this drug and we are here to analyze and help you understand more about the side-effects.

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1. Hearing problems

With Levitra use, some users have reported to have experienced loss of hearing or sudden discomfort in their ears. This can be experienced during first time use and it is important to seek medical advice.

2. Painful penis erections.

Experiencing painful erections is a turnoff to many men. With this drug, blood is actively supplied to the penis and as a result, you may feel long lasting painful erections. The secret is using the dosage keenly and without proper measurements.

3. Unexplained chest pains

Many users of Levitra have come out openly to explain to their doctors that they have at some point experienced chest pains. This, they state that it appears like heart attack symptoms and sometimes they may vary. This may extend to jaw pains, pressure, shoulder aches and nausea. According to doctors, many people who experience these side-effects may be allergic to some drugs. It is, therefore, recommended that you confirm with your doctor if you have a certain allergy.

4. Vision change

This drug has been found to alter vision of users. You may realize that you have difficulties in seeing clear objects during hot sun or at night.

5. Swellings

Some men who have been using these drugs experience swelling on their hands, legs, and ankles as a result of using the drug. Since it is a drug like any other, all users are usually encouraged to continue using the drugs as the swellings will disappear after few days.

These are the Levitra side-effects experienced by users. Some are mild and may even go unnoticed while some can be serious to demand immediate medical checkup. It is important to ask your doctor so that you get immediate treatment.