Cialis in South Africa

Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

Month: June 2016

Get Harder Erections By Using Cialis

Erectile dysfunction or ED as it is commonly referred to is a devastating condition that affects millions of men across the globe with a majority opting to stay silent about it because of the heavy stigma surrounding it. As such, a lot of these people try out many products, some of which are often ineffective, thereby bruising their ego and worsening their condition. So, if you are one such person who has grown frustrated after trying uncountable ineffective products to reverse your ED, we have some good news for you.

In today’s blog post, we take a closer look at Cialis that is scientifically proven to beat that limp dick completely and instantly enhance your sexual life. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Cialis in South Africa

Cialis in South Africa

How Cialis works

If you are suffering from ED your doctor will recommend you to try Cialis. It is designed to inhibit the enzyme PDE 5. Once it is inhibited and you are sexually aroused and nitric oxide is released. At the same time, cGMP or guanosine monophosphate accumulates causing the dilation of the penis blood vessels and a hard erection. Before taking Cialis you should find out if food affects its rate of absorption. The effects of Cialis begin to manifest after a half an hour or an hour of use. Its effects last for between 4 to 36 hours. All that is required is sexual stimulation. In simple terms, Cialis inhibits the action of the enzyme PDE 5 and blocks the breakdown of cGMP which accumulates and prolongs your hard erections.


Cialis dosage will depend on many factors like tolerance and many more. The recommended dosage of Cialis is 10 grams, but it can be varied from 2.5 grams to 20 grams daily. Talk to your physician or pharmacist to find out the right dosage for your case.

Side effects

Cialis has mild side effects like stomach upset, headaches, sweating and flushing. Cialis should not be taken when you are on medications that have been designed to combat certain conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and angina pectoris among others.

How to buy Cialis in South Africa

There are many online pharmacies in South Africa that sell generic Cialis that is a cheaper alternative to brand Cialis. Just log on to these sites and after making your purchase the drug will be delivered confidentially to your doorstep if you want your condition to remain a closely guarded secret. If you do your research keenly, you will discover a number of online pharmacies that offer generous discounts for those purchasing generic Cialis in bulk online. Cialis can be purchased for as little as R 20 per pill. Even though Cialis can be bought online or over the counter without a prescription, it is always important to consult with a qualified physician before you start using this wonder drug.

Wrap Up:

If you have grown frustrated with your sex life because of erectile dysfunction, your problem has come to an end today. It is important to note that no matter the size of your penis, nothing beats a rock hard penis when it comes to satisfying your partner. If you keenly use Cialis as directed by your pharmacist or physician, there is why you shouldn’t experience the much-needed transformation. Try Cialis out today to start enjoying bed sessions more and give your love another reason to stay with you forever!