Cialis in South Africa

Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

Month: August 2018

Two competitors analysis: Viagra vs Cialis

A recent poll suggests that men living in South africa have been having a debate on which erectile dysfunction medication is better. The top two medications under review are Cialis and Viagra. Both medications have been a major tool in the fight against erectile dysfunction despite them being competitors.

Cialis in South Africa

Cialis in South Africa

However, there will always be a lingering question of which one is better?

Today, we will get to the bottom of this question once and for all. We will go through the similarities and the differences and come to a conclusion.

Cialis as well as it’s counterpart both work the same way. It works to help blood circulate through the body optimally. In some cases, it will relax stressed blood vessels to allow men to form natural erections through proper stimulation. Rumors have it that Cialis is designed to force men into an erect state. This is 100% false. Cialis does not force any state on the user, it simply allows men the ability to form natural erections. Partners will have to do the rest of the work so to speak.

One of the biggest differences with Cialis is the fact that it lasts triple the amount of time as Viagra. The average amount of time Cialis stays in the user’s system is sixteen hours. That is twelve hours more than the average time of Viagra and has been one of the major argument points as to why Cialis is better. In my personal opinion, this is a major boon for anyone that has more of a random sex life. If you are the kind of guy that likes to have sex throughout the whole day then Cialis would be the clear winner in this debate. For guys that are more of a “one and done” can opt for either.

The second major argument for Cialis is the cost per pill. Viagra can cost men who are sexually active roughly two thousand dollars a month to maintain. That translates to one pill a day. In terms of Cialis, it can cost as much as three hundred a month providing you take one pill every day for a month. This argument is clearly in favor of Cialis because who would willingly spend roughly two thousand a month? Cialis is simply more budget friendly and would win based on this fact alone. If you want to keep a bit more green in your wallet then you should opt for Cialis.

The third major argument that is being posed is lesser side effects. Now both medications have identical side effects. The most common being a headache, flushing, or upset stomach. While these side effects are trivial, people still don’t want to experience it. At a glance, it would seem that Cialis does have a lower side effect rate than Viagra. However, I did a little bit of digging and have noticed that the level of dose is the cause of the problem. The higher doses between both medications are identical, and when the doses are lowered the side effect rates drop dramatically. At the end of the day, neither Cialis or Viagra have the upper hand on each other here.

Based on these three major arguments it seems like Cialis does indeed have Viagra beat. If you want a cheaper, and longer lasting erectile dysfunction treatment. Then you should look into buying Cialis for yourself today. Of course, you should always consult your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions that affect the heart or blood. In addition to asking your doctor if you are healthy enough for sex. If you get the all clear then there is no reason not to give Cialis today.

Viagra: how its works?

For what seems like a significant amount of men in South Africa, Viagra is their go to medication st hand for their issues. In places such as South Africa, there have always been ‘exotic’ ways to pump up and fuel the male sexual power; from tiger urine to even the faintest bit of puffer-fish toxin, it appears men will do literally anything to achieve sexual power and stamina.

Viagra South Africa

Viagra South Africa

Thankfully, there are now several safer ways to do this. One of these ways is Viagra. Viagra, when taken as deliberately prescribed, can do wonders for a man’s health. It is not only used for erectile dysfunction but can also be used to regulate blood flow for people with heart problems as well.

Viagra unfortunately is not a wonder drug – the user will not experience an erection simply because they took one of the pills. There needs to be the element of sexual arousal as well as everything working in the sense of ‘plumbing’. Meaning that the veins and arteries of the penis need to be fully functioning in order for blood to flow through to achieve an erection. Many who take the drug are sometimes left with inadequacy issues and fear that they may never achieve an erection at all. This is common; some men that do take Viagra may sometimes not achieve an erection, and sometimes they may. It all truly depends on the body’s health, and the element of sexual arousal to be present.

Viagra is a wonderful drug, giving men confidence to be able to do what comes natural, despite their erectile dysfunction. It’s something that makes these men feel more normal, and less stigmatized and ‘weak’ or even as less of a man because they can not achieve an erection with the ease of another, so to say.

The drug works by relaxing the valves of the penis by inhibiting the enzymes. It has also been reported to make the penis more sensitive to sexual stimulation; much more sensitive than without Viagra. This along with the process Viagra sets into motion allows for the man to achieve an erection and to keep it for longer than what would be considered as their normal day duration.

Viagra side effects

Many of the side effects of Viagra are rather close common; listing such as headaches and flushing as well as those that are more rare such and abnormal vision as well as the vision turning a tinge of blue.

Irregular heartbeat is also one of the very rare side effects, and well as fainting, heart attack, stroke, and death. These are not at all common while taking Viagra, and any sign of symptoms should be taken very seriously and reported to your doctor.

Some men may not be able to take Viagra; there are indeed several other strains and genetics of the drug that remove or add simple ingredients that can appeal to those that cannot take the original drug. Many have reported the effects being slightly weaker and lasting not quite as long. Viagra is a drug that should be taken as prescribed and never more than one dose at a time. Those with weakened hearts should talk to their doctor about the safety risks of taking Viagra, or can be prescribed a different strain.

Cialis – how to use it

Men everywhere are experiencing the negative effects of Erectile Dysfunction as well as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Currently, over one million men in South Africa suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and one in five of these men is over the age of 40. There are varying degrees of ED. Some men cannot get or maintain an erection at all whereas some men can maintain them for only short periods of time. Many things can contribute to the problem of ED including chronic illness, medication side effects, mental health problems and issues, obesity and lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption and drug use. However, there is hope for these men to live normal functioning lives. Cialis is a prescription medication approved for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

BHP is a condition that affects many men who already suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged it causes several urinary problems such as needing to go frequently and urgently especially at night, straining, or stopping and starting during urination. Cialis work as a treatment for both ED and BPH by increasing the blood flow to the penis. In ED sufferers, this helps them to get and maintain an erection after sexual stimulation and lasts until intercourse is completed. In BHP sufferers, it increases the blow flow to the prostate and relaxes bladder muscles.

Cialis can be taken in two ways:

a daily dose for both ED and BPH or it can be taken only when needed for help in getting and maintaining an erection. A few mild side effects are possible as with any medication. Most are mild and don’t last longer than a few hours. These side effects include headaches, indigestion, flushed skin, runny nose and muscle aches. If you experience a painful and/or prolonged erection lasting longer than four hours, go to the emergency room immediately as this can be a serious condition.
Buyer beware; not all pills are created equal. There are many counterfeit pills available from less than reputable sources. Many of these pills come from internet pharmacies that promise insanely cheap prices. You get what you pay for though. Only take Cialis if it comes from a trusted pharmacy with a prescription from a qualified doctor. Many of these counterfeit pills do not contain the active ingredient that makes Cialis work and instead contains poisons such as Mercury and lead.

Please read about that!

Always tell your doctor that you are currently taking Cialis before taking any new medications. This includes emergency room doctors, especially if your visit is related to heart problems. Medication should always remain in the original packaging away from excessive heat and moisture. This will ensure its quality and longevity. Always make sure to keep it well out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, call your poison control center or go to your nearest emergency room immediately.
Cialis brings relief to men of any age and helps them get back to a normal and functioning romantic life. Call your doctor and ask about Cialis today. Your life and relationships are worth it.