Cialis in South Africa

Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

Month: August 2016

Buy Generic Cialis 20 in South Africa


Men with erectile dysfunction suffer on a daily basis all over the world, not able to get the sexual satisfaction they desire any longer and resulting in depression amongst other things. Luckily, with the release of pharmaceutical products such as Cialis, men will have no problems when trying to get going in the bedroom! This article will share with you a bit on Cialis, how Cialis works and where to buy it in South Africa.

Buy Generic Cialis 20 in South Africa

Buy Generic Cialis 20 in South Africa

Cialis belongs to a group of medication, known as PDE5 inhibitors. Simply put, an erection happens when chemical compounds act on the soft cells (smooth muscle tissue) that line the interior of the male genitalia, relaxing them and allowing blood to therefore flood inside. These medical drugs inhibit this compound’s ability to degrade, making the erection last for enough time as necessary for the man to get his enjoyment out the matter. Cialis works in exactly the same way and is excellent for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, who no longer have the means to sustain certain chemicals throughout sexual intercourse.


Cialis tablets come in different dosages, 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and if you really battle with your reproductive organs, 20mg tablets. Tablets are usually yellow and roughly the size of an almond each. Cialis does not usually have side effects, but it is contra-indicated with people who have cardio-vascular problems, as it increases the heart rate and breathing. In some prescribed cases, Cialis not only helps the erectile dysfunction, but also pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is recommended to consult with your doctor first if this is safe in the event you are on other prescription medication – it is better to be satisfied than sorry! Cialis is not advised to be taken with a lot of alcohol, such as a whole bottle of wine. Your doctor will also know what is safe for you to consume if you have a special occasion planned for your Cialis tablets. This medication is also not recommended if you are allergic to medications that treat hypertension or if you have low blood pressure.


The benefits of Cialis, despite the obvious endurance it equips men with during intercourse, are related to the benefits and importance of sexual activities for men. A lot of men release a lot of pent up energy, frustrations and bottled up emotions during intercourse and not having a healthy sexual relation can lead to depression and hypertension (which as usually linked). For men, Cialis helps to release this energy as well as boost self esteem and confidence that seems to be coupled with good intercourse in the male psyche. The loss of ability to produce an erection can be soul destroying for many and Cialis promote the importance of this need for the men.


Buy Cialis online in South Africa or get it any local pharmacies who will be happy to order it in for you! You can put your impotence away and remove any unwanted disappointments with yourself or from your partner – enjoy your life further with Cialis.


Order Kamagra jelly in South Africa

Kamagra Jelly is a jelly that helps with erectile dysfunction for men. Specifically for men who have weak erections or want to be erectile for longer. The jelly comes in a packet that you squirt into your mouth and eat. Within 20 minutes your sexual desires will be ready to be at play. They come in multiple flavors for every persons liking. Some of those flavors include apple, kiwi, banana, pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry. Kamagra Jelly can last from 4-6 hours. Some consumers have felt it for a little bit more than 6 hours, so it depends on the person. People allergic to Sildenafil should not take the drug and should talk to a pharmacist before taking. Some side effects that may occur are headaches, heartburn, stomach upset, nasal stuffiness, dizziness, light hotheadedness, or diarrhea. You can buy it online at the online pharmacy for South Africa. You can buy just 20 sachets at a time or up to 120 sachets at a time. Other variables are 30, 60, and 90. Each sachet is 100mg. Do not eat high fat meals before using because it may delay the effect of the drug.

Order Kamagra jelly in South Africa

Order Kamagra jelly in South Africa
With some purchases you also receive a free gift of a Sildenafil pill. All tablets and gels come in discreet envelopes so nothing is embarrassing to bring home! This product is better than other erectile dysfunction pills because it is more fun and easy to take. You get to enjoy a nice jelly when taking this product and don’t have to be embarrassed to be taking it because it is so fun!
A healthy man should normally take 50mg of a dose. The effects all last different amounts of time due to variable factors for each man. Kamagra inhibits the enzyme, cGMP, to help the blood flow to the penis.
Women and children should not take this drug. Men with heart conditions should also not take this drug. Men who are also taking other erectile dysfunction medications should not take this drug. If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, do not take this drug. Men 18-65 is the age range to take this drug. If you have liver or kidney disease or have suffered previous heart attacks or strokes, do not take this drug. Depending on your age, if you are on the older side, please consult a doctor before taking this drug. Kamagra Jelly also can cause problems with other ingredients in other drugs. So check to see with your doctor if any medications you are taking will conflict with this drug. If it does, do not take it because something tragic could happen. It is not worth the risk. So if you want a quality erection this is the erection enhancement drug for you! Kamagra Jelly is the best erectile enhancement drug out there because of the ease of taking it, the least amount of risks involved with the ingredients, and the effects that it gives its consumers. So come on and try Kamagra Jelly, it is worth every penny to have a long lasting erection. It is easy to buy and try on the websites provided above! This risks are low and just stay safe and be smart. And now enjoy a fun night or day of adventurous sex!

Viagra Uses ,Dosage And Side Effects

Introduction – what is Viagra?

Viagra is a medication that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction ( ED). It was first developed by British scientists and was then marketed by  a leading US pharmaceutical company. These scientists were working on a drug to treat angina and hypertension when they noted that the drug also caused strong penile erections. Viagra was launched in the market 1998 and it was the first oral medication to be approved for treating ED in the Australia.

Viagra works by allowing increased blood flow to the penis once a man becomes sexually aroused. It therefore enables the man to attain and sustain an erection that is sufficient for sexual activities.

Viagra has also been found to be useful in treating and preventing pulmonary edema (excessive accumulation of fluid in the lungs).This condition is very common among mountain climbers.

Viagra in South Africa

Viagra in South Africa


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra.The tablets come in dosages of 25,50 or 100 milligrams and they are blue in color with a diamond shape and rounded edges.The drug should only be taken when necessary and 50 milligrams is the standard recommended dosage. It is advised that one takes the drug about 30 minutes or one hour prior to the onset of sexual activities. However, one can also take it four hours before. If there are any reported side effects the dosage can be reduced to 25 milligrams. The maximum dosage is 100 milligrams and health experts advise against taking more than one dose in a given day. Whereas one can take the medication with food, taking a meal with a high fat content may delay its activity in the body. Other things to avoid include alcohol and grape fruits because users may experience some harmful side effects.

Side effects

As in many other drugs, users of Viagra may experience some side effects. The most frequent side effects include digestive problems, headaches, dizziness and poor eyesight. These are minor side effects and will normally disappear once the drug has been processed and excreted from the body.

However the medication may also result in more serious side effects which will require urgent medical attention. These side effects include mouth dryness, excessive tiredness and sleepiness, muscle and chest pains, vomiting, irregular or quickened pulse, swollen hands, feet or ankles, hearing difficulties and diminished nerve sensitivity. Some users may also experience a painful erection or an abnormal erection that lasts even for four hours. This can result in impotence and long-term tissue damage.

Warnings and contraindications

People suffering from some health conditions should avoid Viagra or talk with their physicians before they use it.The medication should not be used by people with cardiovascular problems, genetic retinal complications, blood disorders, kidney disease and liver impairment. People who are taking nitrate based drugs or using nitrites such as poppers for leisure should also not use the drug. In addition, if one has suffered a stroke or heart attack in the recent past they should also avoid using the drug. Those using other drugs for impotence issues should also get medical advice before using Viagra.