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Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

Month: April 2018

Levitra for sale in South Africa

For over five hundred years impotence and erectile dysfunction have been a thorn in the sides of men. Despite the great progress, modern medicine has made over six million men will be affected by some form of sexual dysfunction this year alone. Men living in Australia have been searching for a viable solution to their problems and today I’ll be covering one of those options.

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One of the best options men can use today is called Levitra. Like many of the other medication options, Levitra is designed to help men who are unable to form erections to gain them naturally. If you are wondering what exactly happens when you take Levitra, the drug releases an enzyme that works to relax the muscles in the penis. This allows blood to flow freely when arousal occurs and the rest is history.

Levitra has a moderately high rate of success in its clinical trials. During testing, the medication saw a 76% success rate amongst those who were administered Levitra as opposed to just 40% who were given a placebo. Since the trials, the formula has been drastically improved and most users have only reported success in treating their erectile dysfunction. While most users do report success, no medication is without its drawbacks or side effects.

So what kind of side effects might you be looking at if you take Levitra?

Most of Levitra side effects are mild in nature and include heartburn, upset stomach or a runny nose. More severe but rare side effects are a sudden loss of vision, hearing or ringing in the ears. Those with serious medical conditions that have to do with heart health or high blood pressure should always consult their doctors to find out of they are healthy enough for sexual activity.

If you are considering taking Levitra, you should take a pill at least an hour before you plan to have sex. For those that are worried about a limited window of opportunity don’t be. Levitra has been reported to last upwards of several hours before losing its effect. That removes a lot of pressure off of guys that are worried about having just an hour or so to have their fun. Long gone are the days of these kinds of medications that last only one or two hours.

Levitra cost

One thing I need to let you guys know when it comes to Levitra is the cost. Out of all the different medications, Levitra is the only one that has drastically high costs. This is mostly due to it being available in retail chains like CVS and Walgreen’s. The price per pill is roughly $5 (US) but can be found higher. So here is a way to circumvent the prices and still get the highest possible quality medication.

The standard dose of Levitra is 10mg but it’s more cost effective if you buy the 20mg dose and split the pills instead. You’d be effectively buying a larger supply at around the same price point. I am a pretty frugal person and like to get more bang for my buck so to speak. Keep this trick handy in the future. If you are suffering from any form of erectile dysfunction then I highly recommend you go ahead and give Levitra a look. It will most likely be a huge benefit to you.

How to buy Viagra?

When a man has difficulty getting or keeping an erection, he is said to have erectile dysfunction. Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can happen to any man. All over the world, men with ED have found that using Viagra is the solution to their ED. Viagra is the top-selling drug worldwide for the treatment of ED. Viagra is made by Pfizer Inc.

Buy Viagra in South Africa

Buy Viagra in South Africa

The generic name of the active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil. Other drug companies worldwide make their own sildenafil products. Some go by the generic name of sildenafil, and others have their own brand name, such as Kamagra made by Ajanta Pharma, Silagra made by Cipra, Edegra made by Sun Pharmaceutical, and several others. All of these products contain the identical active ingredient, sildenafil.

How does Viagra work?

An erection happens when sexual stimulation causes an increase in blood flow into the penis. If this blood flow into the penis is reduced, it is more difficult to get an erection. There are smooth muscles that wrap around these blood vessels, and if the muscles contract, they cause the blood vessels to become narrower. Narrower blood vessels means less blood can flow into the penis.

Viagra works by blocking the natural chemicals that cause the smooth muscles around blood vessels to contract. This leads to the relaxation of the muscles, and the blood vessels become wider and allow more blood to flow into the penis. The natural chemical that results in smooth muscle contraction is called phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme, or PDE5. Viagra is thus called a PDE5 inhibitor.

Viagra can help to both get an erection and keep the erection going. It is important to be aware, however, that Viagra does not cause an erection on its own. Sexual stimulation is still required for the erection to begin.

What is Viagra used for?

Viagra is approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction. It is also approved to treat a condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), or high blood pressure in the lungs. Pfizer makes a separate sildenafil product for treatment of PAH, called Revatio. Revatio improves blood flow in the lungs. Revatio comes in a lower strength than Viagra.

Viagra products have also gained an off-label use in the world of bodybuilding. The Viagra is taken simultaneously with anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders claim the Viagra helps their performance by delivering the steroids and other supplements to their muscles faster, and leads to better performance in the gym. This is thought to happen because Viagra also helps increase blood flow to other parts of the body, including muscles.

How do I take Viagra?

Viagra comes in the form of blue, diamond-shaped, film-coated oral tablets. It comes in strengths of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. Generic sildenafil, and other brands, may be blue or white, and may have an oval or round shape. In addition to the standard pill form, generic sildenafil and other brands also are available in soft gel form and chewable form. These newer forms have names like Viagra Super Active and Viagra Professional.

The usual starting dose of Viagra is 50 mg. The dose should be taken one hour before desired sexual activity, but it can be taken anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours ahead of time. Soft gel and chewable forms may work in as little as 15 minutes. Only one dose of Viagra should be taken daily.

Who can take Viagra?

Certain health conditions can make it unsafe to use Viagra without medical supervision. Men with heart disease or heart failure, liver disease or kidney disease, should check with their doctor before taking Viagra. Other conditions where medical supervision is recommended include bleeding disorders, active peptic ulcer disease, and retinitis pigmentosa. The best way to be sure you use Viagra safely is to check with your doctor first.

What side effects does Viagra have?

Viagra has some common side effects, including headache, nausea, nasal congestion, flushing, sore muscles, and low back pain. These side effects are related to the increased blood flow in the body, and usually resolve after a few hours. In rare cases, Viagra can cause blue-tinted vision, or blurry vision. If side effects are a problem for you, your doctor may adjust your dose.

Some rare but serious side effects of Viagra are priapism, and sudden loss of hearing or vision. Priapism is a condition where the erection lasts too long. If your erection lasts for four hours or longer, you should get medical help right away. An erection that lasts too long can cause permanent damage to the tissues of the penis and may even lead to impotence. If you have a sudden loss of hearing or vision, get medical help immediately.

Does Viagra have any interactions with food, other drugs, or herbal supplements?
There are certain medications that should never be used at the same time as Viagra. Do not use more than one kind of Viagra at the same time, or other PDE5 inhibitors such as Levitra and Cialis. Combining PDE5 inhibitors can lead to dangerously low blood pressure, and can even be fatal.

Do not use Viagra if you need to take a drug in the nitrate class. These include drugs taken for heart disease like nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate, and isosorbide dinitrate. There is also a street drug in this group, amyl nitrite, which goes by the name “Poppers”. Do not take Viagra if you use Adempas (riociguat) for pulmonary hypertension. Combining these drugs can also lead to an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

Other drugs that can interact with Viagra include cimetidine, some antibiotics, some HIV medications, heart medications, blood pressure medications, and antidepressant medications. This is not a full list, so the best course of action, if you take a prescription drug, is to check with your doctor before using Viagra.

Viagra can also interact with grapefruits and grapefruit juice. Do not eat grapefruit products on the same day as Viagra. Viagra can also interact with some herbal supplements such as St. John’s Wort. Be sure to tell your doctor about every nutritional or herbal supplement you may take.

Viagra in South Africa

In South Africa, the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and marketing of drugs is under the authority of the new South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority, or SAPHRA. Currently there is a transition going on from the former Medicines Control Council (MCC) to the new agency.

SAPHRA categorizes drugs into different groups based on their different properties, such as safety, toxicity, the illness or condition the drug treats, the need for a doctor’s diagnosis, the potential for dependency and abuse, and the patient’s need for the medicine. SAPHRA has created eight different groups of drugs, starting with Schedule 0 drugs (S0) and ending with Schedule 8 (S8) drugs.

The drugs that are considered safest are S0, and these can be sold even in grocery stores. Examples of drugs that are S0 include aspirin, paracetamol, and vitamins. A prescription is required for medications that are S3 and higher. Viagra products and other PDE5 inhibitors are all in the S4 group, and need a prescription.

It is easy to locate an online source for Viagra that will sell it without a prescription to men living in South Africa. One example of such a site is Online ordering has a number of advantages, including greater privacy, lower costs, and discreet shipping directly to your home.

There are some risks involved in online ordering that you should be aware of. Pfizer has done research into internet sources of Viagra, generic sildenafil, and other brands of sildenafil.  Some sildenafil products have been found to have too much of the active ingredient, or even none of the active ingredient.

Where can I buy Cialis in South africa?

Cialis is a film-coated, almond-shaped pill that is yellow in colour.Its generic name is “tadalafil”.Cialis is a drug that is prescribed to be used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.It is also used to treat enlargement of the prostate glad a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia.The pills are in doses of 5,10 and 20 mg. Cialis is marketed worldwide by various corporations. Eg, joint venture of Eli Lilly and ICOS Corporation called Lilly ICOS, LLC.United states food and administration gave Cialis approval in November 2003.It was the third drug to be recommended to treat erectile dysfunction after Viagra and Levitra.As opposed to Viagra and Levitra,Cialis can be effective for up to 36 hours.Due to its relatively long-time effectiveness it was nick-named the “weekend pill”.

Buy Cialis South Africa

Buy Cialis South Africa


It works by inhibiting a substance called PDE-5 just like Viagra and Levitra. it has a half life of over 17 hours which makes it quite different from Viagra and Levitra which have half life of four to five hours.While stimulating sex, the release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells and nerve endings causes the arteries of the penis to relax. This stimulates synthesis of a substance called cGMP in smooth muscle cells, which causes the smooth muscle to relax and blood flow to increase. When PDE-5 is inhibited by an erectile dysfunction drug, nitric oxide is released, cGMP is created, and in the presence of sexual stimulation, an erection results.
Interestingly, PDE-5 is also present in smooth muscle within the lungs, and Cialis has been approved for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, a condition that usually results from a type of heart failure.


Millions of people have used Cialis worldwide. The following side effects have been reported: Indigestion, pain in the back, facial flushing,headache and running nose.This is attributed to the PDE-5 causing dilation of blood vessels. Most of these side effects are of low intensity and subside after just a few hours.Pain at the back and in the muscles occurs 12 to 24 hours after taking the pills and subsides after around 48n hours.Though not common PDE-5 inhibitors can cause visual problems.After taking Cialis,organic nitrates should not be taken for at least 48 hours. Recreational drugs should not be taken within 48 hours of taking Cialis because they increase the risk of severe blood pressure. Men who take nitrates for angina should seek medical attention if they experience angina within 48 hours of taking Cialis. ; in an emergency medical situation, medical responders should be notified if Cialis was taken within the previous 48 hours.


Doctors recommend most men to use 10gm dose for a start, which should be taken the way they are required before should be taken once in 24 hours. The dosage may be reduced to 20gm to 5 gm. depending with the patient’s tolerance.


Cialis can be bought In various online stores in South Africa with different prices and delivery dates.

Eg. Cialis
10mg; 20mg; 40mg; 60mg; 80mg;
Active ingredient:tadalafil
Medical form:Tablets
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Payment options: VISA, Mastercard, Amex
Delivery time: Airmail (10 – 21 days), EMS Trackable (5-9 days)
Description: Cialis is in a class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase Enzyme Inhibitors. It is used to treat erection problems in men. Cialis is manufactured by Eli Lilly.


Viagra online in south Africa

Viagra is one of the pharmaceutical drugs to have hit the market in the last 30 years. It is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction.
Viagra works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of blood vessels in certain areas of the body. In most cases, Viagra works well and has changed people’s lives for the better. Viagra was initially designed to treat hypertension and angina pectoris. Viagra pills are blue and diamond-shaped.
Individuals with kidney disease should not take Viagra. Some people use Viagra recreationally, although it is not thought to have any benefit for people without penile dysfunction. Viagra was initially designed to help lower blood pressure but is now typically used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Cheap Viagra online in south Africa

Cheap Viagra store in Australia

Viagra is the brand name for sildenafil citrate and is used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Originally developed by scientists in the United Kingdom, it was brought onto the market by Pfizer Inc., an American pharmaceutical company. Viagra is also sold under brand name Revatio. the advantages of viagra is it can help men who cannot achieve or sustain an erection due to erectile dysfunction. It improves the erectile response when a man is already sexually stimulated, but it does not provide sexual stimulation. If there is no sexual stimulation, viagra will not work.

When sexual stimulation occurs, nitric oxide is released by the nervous system in the erectile tissue of the penis. Nitric oxide stimulates an enzyme that produces messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The cGMP causes the arteries in the penis to dilate, so that the arteries and the erectile tissue fill with blood. An erection results. Viagra prevents cGMP from becoming degraded, so the blood flow and the erection can continue. the side effects of viagara can be headaches,nasal congestion,impaired vision,photophobia,indigestion,cyanopsia, Use of viagra can also lead to nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, or damage to the optic nerve.Other side effects can be , priapism, a painful, long-lasting erection,heart attack,sudden hearing loss,increased intraocular pressure,ventricular arrhythmias, etc.

Viagra can decrease blood supply to the optic nerve, causing sudden vision loss. This very rare adverse event occurs mainly in people with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or pre-existing eye problems. People with HIV who take protease inhibitors should discuss using Viagra with their doctors, because protease inhibitors increase the likelihood and severity of side effects. Experts say that these individuals should have no more than 25 milligrams (mg), and not more often than every 48 hours.If the individual is taking alpha-blockers, they should make sure they take Viagra at least 4 hours before or after to prevent dangerously low blood pressure. The following individuals should not take Viagra, or should check with their doctor first, viz., those on nitric oxide donors, nitrates, and organic nitrites,men who are advised to refrain from sexual intercourse because of cardiovascular risk factors,people with severe liver impairment,people with kidney disease,individuals with low blood pressure (hypotension),those who have had a recent heart attack or stroke,individuals with hereditary degenerative retinal disorders,Some athletes take Revatio to increase their exercise capacity, but there is little evidence to support this use. Viagra may reduce blood clots after stent surgery and may reduce blood clots after stent surgery
New research shows that a popular drug for erectile dysfunction may reduce the risk of blood clotting after stent implantation.Overdose of can be serious, although death is rare.The dosage will be different if the drug is taken for erectile dysfunction or for pulmonary arterial hypertension.

For erectile dysfunction, Viagra comes in blue, diamond-shaped pills, in doses of 25, 50, or 100 mg.The individual should take a maximum of one pill in a 24-hour period, 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse. For pulmonary arterial hypertension, Viagra comes in white, round, film-coated tablets. People take one 20-mg Revatio tablet three times a day. Symptoms of overdose of Viagra , can be vomiting,blurred vision and distorted vision, papilledema – swelling in the optic nerve,optic neuropathy – damage to the optic nerve, tachycardia (increased heart rate),prolonged priapism,blindness, rhabdomyolysis – break down of muscles,diarrhea.

During the phase 1 trials, it was noted that the drug did very little to prevent angina but did induce marked penile erections. Hitting the market in 1998, Viagra was the first oral treatment approved to treat erectile dysfunction in the U.S.
Viagra use in individuals without erectile dysfunction does not seem to have any effect. Although, researchers have noted that there is a significant placebo effect. On a similar note, there is no proven benefit for women taking the drug.

Levitra price in South Africa

“Having a “hard” time making love to your partner? Well, don’t fret just yet! There is Levitra. Levitra is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in healthy men. Levitra is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (also known as the PDE5) inhibitor. Levitra works by helping and improving the body increase blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation (intercourse, masturbation, and so forth). This medication helps you to achieve and maintain an erection throughout your sexual activities that you desire. Using Levitra must be under the direction of your doctor. The following instructions are just the main objectives and/or rules if you will, follow what your doctor suggests; Take Levitra by the mouth with or without food. Levitra may not work as quickly or effectively if you take it with a high-fat meal, Levitra is usually best when taken about 1 hour prior to sexual activity; but, it may be taken anywhere from 4 hours to a half hour before any sexual activity takes place. You must talk to your doctor about when the best time to take Levitra Is according to your health.

Buy Levitra in South Africa

Buy Levitra in South Africa

Levitra dosage

For most of the patients that are prescribed Levitra, the recommended dose is 50 mg taken, as needed. Based on effectiveness and toleration, the dose may be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg. The maximum recommended dosing frequency is once per day. Levitra active ingredients consist of In addition to the active ingredient, vardenafil HCl, each tablet contains microcrystalline cellulose, crospovidone, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide, yellow ferric oxide, and red ferric oxide. Doctors in South Africa are able to prescribe Levitra when they believe it’s right for their patients, most people can get the pills from their PCP (Primary Care Physician) or even from the streets. There are people who will sell Levitra to gain personal profit, but I do not recommend this as they may not be the real pill and could be potentially harmful to your health.

Levitra prices

Pills on the street vary from dealer to dealer, they range from $5-20 a pill depending on who is selling them. You can also order Levitra off the internet web from a dealer as well. Levitra 25MG pills run from $0.36 a pill to $1.45 a pill. Levitra 50mg pills run from $0.93 a pill to $3.72 a pill. Levitra 75MG pills run from $1.13 a pill to $3.77 a pill. Levitra 100MG pills run from $1.22 a pill to $3.80 a pill. These are internet prices and they range from price to price due to bulk orders. I highly suggest not utilizing such a web page to order Levitra or any other erectile dysfunction medication. The safest bet is to utilize your PCP (Primary Care Physician) for any medication that you may want to supplement for your health. Potential side effects include: ringing in the ear, or sudden hearing loss, vision changes or sudden vision loss, erection lasting over 4 hours and being painful, irregular heartbeat, swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet, shortness of breath, seizure (convulsions) or a light headed feeling that makes you feel like you are going to pass out, flushing of your skin, headaches, dizziness, sleeping problems, muscle pain in the neck and or back, with an upset stomach.

What is Viagra really like?

If you are looking for a cheap and effective medicine for potency, you are on the right track. Viagra is a proven remedy for erection problems at an extremely attractive price.
After a type of Viagra will be made available without prescription in the United Kingdom, and some experts say South Africa needs to consider doing the same. Dr Nial Wheate, a senior lecturer from the University of Sydney, said it could reduce the number of people buying generic versions of Viagra. “Being able to make it available in South Africa through pharmacies will help you”, he said. We can read in the news on,-experts-say/9225068

But what is Viagra really like?

Thanks to various enzymes, it restores the disturbed mechanism of penis erection by increasing blood flow. Regardless of the potency drug, the erection mechanism is caused by nitric oxide, which is released in the cavernous bodies during sexual stimulation. The numerous chemical changes that occur during this time lead to the relaxation of smooth muscles in the cavernous bodies. Thanks to this, the cavernous bodies fill up with blood and reach erection. Sildenafil blocks an enzyme called type 5 phosphodiesterase, which is responsible for c-GMP decomposition. This results in a direct increase of the above compound in the cavernous bodies. Nitric oxide has a large effect on the smooth muscle. The release of nitric oxide takes place only under the influence of sexual stimulation.

The tablets are intended only for adult men over eighteen years of age. The use of this medicine by women is prohibited. The drug is intended for people with erectile dysfunction: inability to obtaiфn or maintain erectile dysfunction of the penis for a period insufficient to have a successful sexual intercourse. The effective action of the preparation is possible only during sexual stimulation.

Viagra in South Africa

Viagra in South Africa

Viagra like any other drug, contains several contraindications, which we should read very carefully. The product is universal, so we can use it practically at any time. However, there are several contraindications that prevent you from taking this medicine, which you should always read before taking it.
Viagra dosage is child’s play. The specificity is in the form of coated tablets intended for oral use by men over the age of eighteen. Adhere to the doses recommended by your doctor or included in the package leaflet. But remember – do not take Viagra after drinking alcohol. Viagra is a clinically proven product. In fact, there is only one step between you and a successful sex life and satisfactory nights.

What about possible side effects?


Headache, facial redness, indigestion, nose clogging, visual disturbances (blurred or colored vision, hypersensitivity to light), urinary tract infections, diarrhoea, dizziness and erythema were the most common symptoms. Rarely have painful and prolonged erections been observed. The occurrence of side effects, such as dizziness, visual impairment, after the use of this medicine poses a danger associated with driving and operating machines.