Cialis in South Africa

Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

What causes Erectile Dysfunction? Check out the Causes, Treatment and More

Among one of the physical problems that most affect men in South Africa is erectile dysfunction. Although many people believe that this type of condition does not affect men in the first world, statistics say the opposite.

Almost half of the men in South Africa are having trouble having a healthy sex life.

Their lives are being affected by erectile dysfunction after a certain age. Most men are afraid to talk about ED.

How many men are suffering from erectile dysfunction in South Africa?

According to a study by The Royal Cape town College of General Practitioners, the percentage of men who are suffering from ED in South Africa is 40% of the total population. But the good news is that this number is not a sign of generalization. Since in order to suffer from ED, men must belong to the group of subjects that are classified as patients with vascular, cardiac or related diseases.

In addition, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction in South Africa are usually those who do not take care of their health and are currently abusing alcohol, drugs and in general they have a bad nutrition. Another factor to enter 40% are psychological problems.

It is possible that the percentage is higher if more men lose their fear when reporting that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Main causes of erectile dysfunction

This condition develops according to the physical and mental health of most men. The age group most affected by ED are men over 30 years old. But cases of ED can also occur in men under 25 years.

Among the most common causes of ED are:

  • Side effects of other drugs: Some medical treatments can cause short and long term damage to the blood vessels of the penis. The strongest treatments where man is subjected to continue taking a drug for a long time may be triggers of ED in the future.
  • Physical problems: Other diseases are also important factors in the cause of ED in men. Some heart problems, diabetes and blood problems can be considered as related to ED in some patients.
  • Psychology: Sexual frustration is also considered a cause of ED in South Africa. Some men do not have sexual contact frequently and this leads them to suffer from depression and stress. In addition, the lack of sexual contact prevents the man from having a healthy sex life and therefore his penis is not accustomed to having daily or more common erections.

How can erectile dysfunction be avoided?

In South Africa, doctors recommend a visit to the urologist twice a year to rule out any disease that may affect the correct function of the penis. Other important points on how to avoid ED is the personal life of men.

The ED can be avoided from an early age, parents can help male children to know all the factors that can cause ED and how to avoid this condition with the best doctors advice.

Men should be very careful and take care not to suffer muscle or spinal injuries that can affect the normal work of the blood vessels in the penis. All this combined with a healthy life without drugs and little alcohol.

Man must have a healthy sex life.

This means that the frequency of sexual contact should be normal and in case of not having a person to have sex, the man can resort to masturbation.

Are treatments for ED a cure?

There are several highly effective treatments for ED. The main treatments are drugs that help men have lasting erections and better sexual performance.

Sildenafil Citrate

The main treatment is the component called Sildenafil Citrate which can be found in pharmacies in South Africa under the brand name of Kamagra Oral Jelly, Viagra, among others. There are other drugs such as Tadalafil that offer erections of up to 36 hours for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The other treatments are considered secondary or alternative

Most of these treatments have to do with seeking psychological help to treat depression. Another way to treat ED is to change the lifestyle and seek healthy advice from a nutritionist to improve the personal diet.

The definitive cure for erectile dysfunction will depend on each man. Not all bodies are equal, therefore each patient will respond differently to treatments. The most advisable thing is that the man does not stop trying different ways of treating the ED to find a final solution.




  • I have suffered with Erectile Disfunction now since 2013. My wife left me for another man in 2016 and since then it has become worse. Previously I could get slightly erected by watching porn films, however this no longer works since my wife left me. I have spoken to my GP in previous years and have purchased Viagra to try and help. Viagra works for small amount of time, however during any intercourse it will stop working.
    I am struggling to find a cure for this and don’t want to embarrass myself anymore by visiting my GP. This is a very embarrassing problem which is making me feel worthless.

  • I have had this problem since 2014. It was really hard to deal with first 2 years. I was so upset and could not please my wife. I did find the right medication the this past year and now things have been great. I am so happy and not having that many issues anymore.

  • Erectile disfunction has given me a hard time being confident in bed with my wife. I feel like less of a man. That sucks because my wife is super attractive and i can’t just prove her she’s beautiful and sexy. I tried several stuffs but nothing work out so far.

  • I have never had an erectile dysfunction related experience in my life, because I am still too young. I will probably experience this problem when I will be much older.

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