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Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

Month: March 2018

Cialis – what is it and how does it work?

Cialis is a medicine which sole purpose is to help men all around the globe with their erection disorders.

Although it is being called that way, the main substance at work here is called tadalafil.
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Buy Cialis online

How does it work?

To answer that question we need to cover the basics of how the erection process properly works.
Otherwise, it won’t be so easy for you to understand in details how the medication works, and whether it can be harmful to you in any way.
So here you are after a long day at work, finally going back home, thinking about a good rest laying down on your bed for some time. Naturally you enter your premises, clean yourself up and as you walk into your bedroom, you see your spouse completely naked, waiting for his man. There is only one thought at this moment that every man would think of. So here you are, hoping for some good sex and getting yourself into the game, but as you get to the point when some more action is required, your lifelong buddy doesn’t show up to the task! Why is that?
There could be many reasons, such as stress or some mental issues, but let’s focus on what is going on inside the body instead. Your veins and arteries control the blood flow into your penis. Normally, when you are sexually stimulated, your muscles inside the penis loosen up to allow the blood to flow easily inside and fill up the space. At the same time, your arteries dilate sending a powerful surge of blood directly to the penis. Because your heart rate is increased, this happens preety quickly.
What are the veins doing? They are contracting and holding the blood inside the penis. When you are finished, or somehow lose your arousal, the process reverses. Your veins expand, arteries contract and your muscles inside the penis also slowly contract, not allowing the expansion of the tissue anymore.
Chemically, this process is started by the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide starts the process of producing cGMP, which is responsible for contraction/expansion of veins and arteries. Another chemical there is, is called PDE5. It’s main role is to suppress the production of cGMP. If these two are off balance, then you have a problem.
So what Cialis does, is it stop PDE5 and allows cGMP to do its job. This way erection lasts longer and it’s easier to achieve.

When should you use cialis?

If you observe, that you have, in fact, an erectile dysfunction, you should consider using cialis, but ONLY after the consultation with a doctor. Under no circumstance should you experiment, or egoically use the substance on your own. You don’t want to harm your big boy, do you?

When should you not use cialis?

If you are using any other medications, or undergoing medical treatments, you should immediately contact a specialist, as mixing some substances might not be really beneficial to you. You should also not use it if you have any heart issues, have had a heart attack before and have some serious problems with your eyes where blood flow and arteries are involved.


Cialis can be only acquired, if it is being prescribed to you by a doctor. Other forms of this medicine that are freely available in the market should not be used, as they may contain chemicals that are harmful to you.
Cialis should not be taken more frequently than once per day ( 24 hours ).
First dose is usually 10mg. It has to be taken approximately 30 mins before your happy time. After you observe how your body reacts, the dosage can be then adjusted accordingly.


Maximum dosage is 20mg. If you expect to be sexually active around twice a week, then expected daily intake is 5mg, but again, this depends on your own body and its reaction to the medicine.

Side effects

If you encounter dizziness, nausea, numbness, tingling somewhere on your body, you should stop using cialis right away and contact your doctor. Even if it’s 3 AM, do it,

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Viagra as a Medication

Viagra is commonly known for its uses in sexual activities. However, viagra is also used as a medication to deal with erectile dysfunction in men. Its effects can last for over 24 hours and usually starts to respond within 30 to 60 minutes of intake. It guarantees instant erection in the penis and huge sexual drive, ideal for sexual intercourse. Grapefruit juice and drugs known as ‘nitrates’ are extremely reactive with Viagra and can cause fatal side-effects. The patient must be brought under medical attention immediately under such conditions. Viagra must be avoided without prescription on safety notes.

Uses of Viagra and its side-effects

Viagra has a ‘VGR25 Pfizer’ symbol dug on its blue diamond shaped body. It comes in the standard size of 9.0, and with a dosage limit of once in a day. If the doctor prescribes, the dosage is to kept at 50mg. It can be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg, depending upon the capability of the patient. It is manufactured by Pfizer Laboratories. Viagra is recommended to be used 1 hour prior to sexual activity, but is safe to be taken between 4 hours to 0.5 hour, only once a day.

Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor which is a strong agent of sexual drive. It increases the blood flow in the penis, creating increased sensation and powerful erection. Overdosage of the Viagra can be the cause to a poisonous side-effect, which must be treated immediately at a health centre.

Severe side-effects

The probable side effects for Viagra can be:

● A permanent ED can happen if taken as a overdose and the penis does not lose its erection within 4 hours, and not treated in time.

● It can be the cause to stomach and gastric problems.

● Failure of kidneys and lungs can be a worriable symptom.

● Heart attacks, strokes, adrenaline failure, loss of oxygen to the brain are rare but fatal possibilities.

● A sudden loss of vision or colour blindness.

● Headache, flushing of face, body heating, etc.

Buy Generic Viagra in Durban online

Viagra is easily available in Durban by online orders. Generic Viagra are packed in bulks of 10 to 360 pills per order online, with differences in rate of prices per tablet. Higher amount of pills bought is likely to give a bigger discount. The minimum dosage comes in 25mg and the highest power of dosage is at 200mg per tablet. The most visited sites to buy viagra online in Durban are etc.

Buying Viagra online gets you a bulk amount at your desired dosages. Always recommended under the supervision of a medical expert, Viagra can be bought online at cheaper prices compared to the local shops, saving you a lot of money and time. The payment system on the pharmaceutical websites are secure and trusted. The delivery system is discrete and quick, like buying any other thing online. You can choose from the varieties of doses and packs to meet your requirements. The advantage is their availability and straightforward pay and delivery process, with additional bonuses and lower buy rates.

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in South Africa

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in South Africa

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in South Africa

Kamagra oral jerry is for your use whenever you want to resolve erectile dysfunction. It has been tested multiple times and it has been approved to be working for men with this kind of a dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate is the major ingredient which makes it very effective and you can choose among seven existing flavors. It is manufactured in India by Ajanta pharmacy, which currently the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and due to this, Kamagra oral jelly have undergone the thorough test of quality and assurance and hence its approval.

It is well known for it’s its effectiveness in treating of men sexual problems especially those men who taking pills or tablets is not a good thing to them. Kamagra oral jelly is common in South Africa and you can buy it online and it will be delivered right to your doorstep and at very much affordable prices. In South Africa, Kamagra oral jelly is currently priced at R200.

In case you have this kind of a dysfunction (erection dysfunction), running for surgical solutions is not actually the best option before trying out Kamagra oral jelly.Whenever you have purchased this jelly, the application is very easy as you just need to squeeze the gel on a teaspoon and then swallow it. Don’t be afraid of the taste of the jelly as you have an option of choosing your favorite flavor among chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, mint, pineapple as well as orange.

The jelly which is consumed orally gets absorbed very fast and its effect will be felt in less than twenty minutes after consumption. So as to avoid an overdose, make sure you do not consume an amount above one hundred milligrams of Kamagra oral jelly, which is commonly packed in sachets. Otherwise, side effects will be felt in case of an overdose. You can also opt to squeeze directly into your mouth or maybe by ingesting it with a glass of water. This should be done just some few minutes, possibly twenty or thirty minutes before you engage in sexual intercourse. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it is advisable not to have consumed alcohol when taking it as well as meals containing the large composition of fats.

You may tend to think that Kamagra oral jerry is the same as Viagra. I strongly disagree with that speculation, the reason being Kamagra is generic where else Viagra is branded and more so very popular in the market because it came before Kamagra oral jelly. Even the prices of the two differ and you find that Kamagra oral jelly is a bit cheaper as compared to Viagra. The other major difference is that Viagra is in tablet form while Kamagra is in gel form and its effects are felt faster than the time taken for Viagra effects to be felt.

Nevertheless, Kamagra have got some side effects and they include;
• Skin rashes, itching of the skin which even makes the skin to turn red; you may find swelling of your face and the tongue, difficulty in breathing. These side effects are mostly experienced by those who are allergic to sildenafil.
• Dizziness may also be felt as a result of consumption of Kamagra oral jelly, headache, vomiting and indigestion.
• It can lead to low blood pressure.
Other side effects that may occur through on rare occasions are;
• A feeling of pain during the erection
• It can sometimes lead to loss of vision and you end up becoming blind
• It can also make you deaf in some other cases.

Cialis – what is it?

Cialis is a prescription medicine used in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as well as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, can affect men at any age. However, is most commonly appears in men over 40. Not all men suffer from the same degree of ED. Some men are totally unable to get or maintain an erection whereas some men can maintain erections for a brief amount of time. Some studies suggest that 40% of South African men currently suffer from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction. There are many factors that can contribute to ED such as psychological issues, chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, side effects from other prescribed medications, and certain unhealthy lifestyle choices like drinking and obesity.

ED isn’t the only problem for many of these men. ED sufferers can also developBPH which is a condition where the prostate gland becomes enlarged and causes urinary problems like urinating more often and urgently, especially at night, or stopping and starting during urination. Cialis can be effective for treating both conditions by increasing blood flow to the penis. In ED sufferers, this blood flow helps to get and maintain an erection when used with sexual stimulation, and will last until intercourse is completed. In BHP sufferers, it relaxes the bladder muscles and increases the blow flow to the prostate. You can take Cialis in one of two ways: a daily dose which is used to treat both ED and BPH or take it when you need it before sexual intercourse to get and maintain an erection. Either way you will need a prescription from your family doctor. It is always safer to fill the prescription in person or online at a trusted pharmacy. Some websites advertise cheap pills that you can sometimes buy without a prescription. Beware however. These are likely counterfeit pills which are very dangerous to your health. Besides not containing the active ingredient necessary to treat ED, they may contain toxic chemicals like mercury and lead. Use a trusted pharmacy to get your medication and always use a prescription from your doctor. There are a few mild side effects you should be aware of before taking this medication. Most are generally mild and go away after a few hours. Side effects include headaches, muscle aches, indigestion, runny nose, and flushed skin.


It is possible to have a painful and/or prolonged erection which can be a dangerous condition. If you have an erection that has lasted longer than four hours, go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Always let your doctor or dentist know you are taking Cialis when they are prescribing new medications. If you are treated in an emergency room, especially for a heart related problem, it is also very important to tell your doctors that you are currently taking this medication. Cialis should always be kept in its original packet and away from heat and moisture. It does not keep well when removed from the original packaging and may not work as as expected. Always make sure to keep it out of the reach of all children. If you think you might be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, call your doctor today and ask how Cialis can help you get back to a normal romantic life. You’re worth it and so is your relationship.

Buy Cialis Super Active from South Africa

Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) isn’t something most guys like to talk about. We like to think that it’s something that only happens to older men or those with certain medical conditions, but due to the ever-increasing stressors of the modern world erectile dysfunction is becoming a more and more relevant topic to men of all ages. Erectile dysfunction can leave you with feelings of shame and guilt or your partner feeling undesired and unattractive or lead both parties to question their self-worth. This is a problem that can extend far beyond the bedroom as I’m sure you know. There are advantages to this modern age though. There’s a pill for almost everything, and Cialis Super Active is the go-to the remedy for any issues you may be experiencing in your sex life.

Buy Cialis Super Active from South Africa

Buy Cialis Super Active from South Africa online pharmacy

Brand Cialis Vs Cialis Super Active

You might be wondering why you should choose Cialis Super Active over Brand Cialis. The answers are simple. Cialis Super Active is available online with no prescription. This means no embarrassing visits to your physician. Also, as it comes from places such as South Africa outside the U.S., Cialis Super Active Is produced at a fraction of the cost as the brand name. Meaning you can save up to five USD per pill! That is a huge difference! This ensures that you can fight erectile dysfunction on any budget. So if you’re paying more for the name brand you may as well be throwing your hard earned money in the trash. Make the switch today!

How Does It Work?

How can a little pill give you an erection when no amount of stimulation seems to do the trick? It’s all about the science behind the substance. The active ingredient in Cialis Super Active is a drug called Tadalafil. This wonderful chemical helps men get and maintain an erection when stimulated by dilating the arteries in the penis so that blood can flow more easily. It does not in and of itself produce an erection, but boosts erectile reaction. So although Cialis Super Active works for 36 hours there’s no need to worry about walking around all day trying to hide an erection. It just ensures that you will be ready when the time is right. Forget to take it? Not to worry! Cialis Super Active gel caps work in as little as seven minutes!


Cialis Super Active should not be taken more than once per day, double doses DO NOT mean double fun. Ideally this medication should be taken at least 10-20 minutes before anticipated sexual activity. Once taken, Cialis Super Active promises to work for at least 36 hours. If taking any other medication in addition to Cialis Super Active you should consult your doctor. If you have any pre existing heart conditions, consult your doctor. If you experience symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, fainting spells, or numbing of limbs, stop taking Cialis Super Active immediately and call your primary care physician. Remember, even occasional erectile dysfunction should not be tolerated. Give your special someone the best gift of all… yourself! With Cialis Super Active.

Generic Cialis in South Africa


Men who have ever experienced a disease related to enlarged prostrate called benign prostatic hypertrophy,pulmonary artery hypertension or erectile dysfunction can perfectly attest to the benefits
of Cialis (also under the name Tadalafil).It is stressful sometimes for a man who is encountering a challenge of erection when he is sexually stimulated because it denies him the opportunity to enjoy his conjugal rights properly.Hopefully,Cialis is the medication that has come to be the rescue of most men going through such difficulties.This is solely because Cialis increases the amount of blood flowing to the penis during sexual intercourse.However,it is also crucial to note that despite its benefits, Cialis has numerous side effects that comes along with and therefore should be taken under high medical supervision.Throughout this article am going to give you in-depth knowledge about Cialis.

Buy Generic Cialis in South Africa


Buy Generic Cialis in South Africa online

How It Works

For you to comprehend how Cialis works in your body you must first understand how erection process occurs.I will briefly take you through the process of erection in order for you to understand the function of Cialis easily.Erection occurs when there is a release of nitric oxide into the penis which triggers synthesis of cGMP.This chemical substance ensures that blood vessels that take blood out of penis contract while those that bring in dilate. This eventually causes erection.Contrary,there is another substance called PDES which destroys cGMP.When cGMP is destroyed then erection will automatically come to an end.So Cialis actually prolongs the erection by preventing the production of PDES.

How To Take Cialis

Cialis comes in three various doses 5mg,10mg and 20mg.It can only be taken once in a day because a dose of it will last for about 24 hours in your body.Make sure you follow prescriptions indicated and do not attempt to take overdose or under-dose of it. The drug tablet is swallowed as a whole and you can choose to take it with food or not.It is as well recommended that you take it just before sexual activity because it will not work minus sexual stimulation.Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from using Cialis medication.

Cialis Side Effects

Cialis has a variety of side effects but I will just concentrate on the most common side effects you are likely to encounter if you consume Cialis.Cialis has a potential to cause dyspensia,headache,respiratory tract illnesses,myalgia,nasal congestion ,cough and back pain.In addition,you may also face some illnesses such as belching,heartburn or indigestion.The list can be quite endless but the aforementioned are few most prevalent side effects as far as Cialis is concerned.

How To Buy Cialis Online In South Africa

To buy your Cialis online in South Africa,You can go to national press club website and order yours.Once your order is complete then your Cialis will be delivered to you as soon as possible free of charge.The prices ranges from $0.31 to $2.06 depending on your preference.Most online sellers in South Africa will sell it for you without prescription hence the need to consult a medical doctor for proper advice on how to take the medication.


Now you are aware of this Cialis its benefits,side effects and how to take it. As you plan to use it make sure you seek professional advice no to harm your body and always develop the habit of following instructions in order to realize ultimate results.

Kamagra Oral Jelly price online

Kamagra is a well-known generic version of Pfizer’s popular drug Viagra, one of the world’s most effective pharmaceuticals to treat erictile dysfunction (ED). The active ingredient, sildenafil, is generic and sold under many different retail names. Because Viagra is patented in the United States, its price remains an obstacle for many men. Kamagra, a product of an Indian pharmaceutical company, can cost up to 75% less than retail Viagra in North America and can easily be bought online. In South Africa, it can be bought online for as low as $4.07 per pill, depending on quantity purchased.

Buy Kamagra Oral JellyBuy Kamagra Oral Jelly


The main difference between the two products is the dosage. Retail Viagra can be bought in smaller doses of 25mg, whereas Kamagra is dosed in 50mg. Because of this, the typical side effects such as vision changes, headaches, and priapism can be exaggerated. Many users resort to simply breaking the pill in half or thirds to reduce the dosage manually. It is suggested to make sure you are buying authentic Kamagra from the original parent company, Ajanta Pharma, to be certain you are getting what you pay for and the correct listed dosage.

As mentioned, the possible side effects are pretty common. Dizziness, diarrhea, heartburn, upset stomach, and in rare cases, severe allergic reactions. Be aware of this before making a large purchase and on first use, maybe try the smaller dosage. Furthermore, Kamagra should not be taken with grapefruit, amyl or butyl nitrate, high blood pressure medications, or any other substances to treat impotence.

To buy, users can simply purchase online from many of the different pharmacies. Delivery is discrete and most often arrives in an unmarked envelope that doesn’t reveal the contents. Different doses and quantities are available, so be aware when making your purchase online and checking out. Prices range from $8 per pill to just over $4 per pill, depending on how many pills you purchase at checkout.

To use Kamagra Oral Jelly, it is suggested to ingest it orally about a half hour or hour before sexual activity. Kamagra Oral Jelly is manufactured for men who have trouble swallowing pills. As a gel, it can be squeezed into the mouth, onto a spoon, or into a drink. However, like Viagra, it is not advisable to be taken with an alcoholic beverages. Large meals with a high fat content are also not suggested, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Also, Kamagra is not an aphrodisiac. Stimulation must still occur. The drug simply acts to widen the blood vessels to the penis, as well as to maintain them widened to keep a longer lasting erection. The Jelly comes in a variety of different flavors that include pineapple, strawberry, orange, vanilla, black currant, and many others.

Simply put, people choose Kamagra over the popular Viagra because it almost an identical product, at a much much cheaper price. Also, by manufacturing the drug in a tasty oral jelly, Ajanta Pharma has opened the market up to people adverse to pill swallowing. It should be noted as well that Kamagra is readily available online with fast one-day delivery. Furthermore, it can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription.

Viagra for South African men: is it available online?

South African men, grab your favorite drink and a snack because you are in for some interesting news. Every day roughly 18,000 men develop some sort of erectile dysfunction. That’s half a million men a month, six and a half million men per year. Sexual dysfunction in men isn’t a matter of luck but a matter of when. It can strike men as young as 18 years old and any age counting up.

Viagra in South Africa onlineViagra in South Africa online


What makes this interesting fact a heck of a lot worse is the fact that less than twenty percent of the men who discover they have sexual health problems seek any help for it. Now there are many reasons for this but the most common excuses men give are, embarrassment, misinformation, and lack of reliable sources to seek help. In this source, these three excuses will be taken care of in addition we will be covering a tried and true method of combating erectile dysfunction, how it works and why you should seriously consider it.

The traditional solution to any form of erectile dysfunction has always been Viagra. Many men know of the product called Viagra but few men actually know what it does which leads to two of the points I made earlier. The lack of reliable source and the wrong information. So for those that don’t know, Viagra works by making the smooth muscle cells in the penis unlax. This allows men to achieve naturally forming erections when they are stimulated by their partners. Many men are under the assumption that Viagra forces men into uncomfortable and painful erections. This is nothing more than a myth and is not true by any means.

Viagra normally requires some sort of prescription provided by a healthcare practitioner which brings me to the major cause of men not seeking assistance for their sexual problems. Embarrassment. As a man I completely understand, it can make you feel less of a man when you can’t solve an issue on your own. In fact, sexual problems are the last thing that we as men want to discuss with others, even doctors. The makers of Viagra have taken this into consideration and have made variations of the medication that actually don’t require any prescriptions or doctor visits. Allowing you to attempt to try to take on this serious problem on your own and in private.

Now while Viagra may sound like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, it’s still a medication. If anyone here has ever taken any kind of medication we all know that nothing is without its side effects. In terms of Viagra, the side effects are generally mild and brief. The most common side effects in Viagra users are a stuffy nose, headache or an upset stomach. Men that have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or heart problems should always seek council with a doctor to see if their bodies are healthy enough for sexual activity. The peace of mind is worth the 10 minutes of talking with your doctor.

Getting your hands on Viagra is a pretty simple task. In fact, most men can get their supply online if they so choose. Most online retailers and pharmacy websites carry Viagra in a variety of doses and amounts. The cost per pill can be as low as sixty-five cents per pill or seven rands if you are in South Africa so there is no worry about breaking the bank.

We still have plenty of 2018 left to go, so why not make it your best year yet? Give Viagra a go and you won’t be disappointed.

CIALIS: the most important information. Male impotence can be cured!

Male impotence is one of the greatest challenges facing the modern sexual relationships today. Many couples all over the world are experiencing this unwanted problem. So embarrassing is this condition that many men will shiver at the mere mention of “erectile dysfunction”, the popular name it goes with.



Medical scientists and researchers have been burning midnight oil over the years to try and solve this problem once and for all. Tadalafil is among the top discoveries they have come up with. This is the active ingredient in the pill “Cialis”. Cialis is a tablet made to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This oral medicine enables the male sexual organ to develop and maintain a healthy erection for a satisfying sexual activity. Cialis opens the blood vessels in the penis allowing more blood to flow. The supply of this crucial oxygenated fluid enhances the process of hardening the otherwise flaccid and soft male organ. It therefore successfully restores the erectile function thus solving the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Note carefully that Cialis does not it self cause penile erection. Sexual stimulation is necessary. This drug will only restore erectile function through stimulation. The mere act of swallowing a Cialis pill will not automatically result into a firm, hard penis! It plays the part of improving response of the male sexual organ to stimulation.

Cialis should be taken at least thirty minutes before sexual intercourse. Its effects are however known to last for up to thirty six hours! The penis remains firm and erect long enough for a good sexual experience. One tablet is enough for a day. There is research showing that Tadalafil works efficiently well in eight out of ten male respondents. This is an excellent performance. Cialis rivals the likes of Viagra and Levitra in this respect. There is no question whatsoever about this drug’s effectiveness in the treatment of male impotence.

Cialis recreational use

Though Cialis works this well, it is important to note that it is not a recreational drug and should never be used this way. In fact, Cialis is not everyone’s use and proper medical consultation is called for. It is advisable that all potential users of this drug confide with their physicians and disclose some important medical details about themselves. For instance, patients recovering from stroke, heart attack, blood pressure, liver related diseases and kidney complications MUST not ingest Cialis unless expressly directed to by a medical doctor. Other individuals in this category are those taking medication that contains nitrates; for example chest pain and heart problems patients. Cialis is only designed for male adults suffering from erectile dysfunction and not for women and children. In some cases, Tadalafil is prescribed for pulmonary arterial hypertension treatment.

Side effects

Side effects for Cialis are not common but some users have complained of headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle ache, dizziness, facial flushing and blocked nose. Upon the observation of these signs, urgent medical intervention should be sought.

Cialis is now available in local pharmaceutical stores as well as online shops. Be cautious when ordering for your dose.

Cialis review: side effects

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is a medically observed condition that causes men to sometimes have problems getting and maintaining an erection. This is most commonly known to occur with gentlemen of an older age but has been known to occur at almost any age. The majority of men with ED can be treated.

Cialis in online pharmacy in South africa

Cialis in online pharmacy in South africa

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is when the prostate gland is larger than normal. BPH may cause some men to have urinary problems when the prostate gland becomes enlarged. There are symptoms commonly known to occur with BPH which can include having to go urinate frequently or having to urinate urgently. Stopping and/or starting during the urination, feeling the need to strain to urinate, a weak urine stream and inability to completely empty the bladder are also symptoms associate with BPH.

CIALIS is a drug that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It is also sometimes used to treat the symptoms that come with an enlarged prostate, or “BPH”, and also pulmonary hypertension (rare). CIALIS works by relaxing the muscles in a way that promotes increased blood flow to particular areas of the body. Another brand of tadalafil (CIALIS) is Adcirca. Adcirca is mainly used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and should not be taken while also taking CIALIS. As with most supplements and drugs you should have a conversation with your doctor about CIALIS and if there are any prominent risks associated with taking it.

Special caution should be observed if you take other medications. Some medications, when combined with Cialis can cause a sudden and very serious decrease in blood pressure. Of note, do not take Cialis if you use riociguat to treat PAH or any other nitrate drug, commonly taken to treat chest pain or various heart problems. These can include but are not limited to:
• Isosorbide Dinitrate
• Nitroglycerin
• Isosorbide Mononitrate
• Any recreational drugs such as amyl nitrate.

There are some preexisting conditions that can cause complications or serious side effects if present when taking Cialis. Cialis is not going to be right for everyone. Inform your doctor if any of these may be present or have been in the past:
• Stroke
• Heart Attack
• Pulmonary Veno-occlusive disease
• Any bleeding disorder
• Physical deformity of the penis
• Stomach Ulcers
• Vision Loss
• Blood cell disorders such as sickle cell anemia
• Retinitis pigmentosa
• Liver Disease
• Kidney Disease
• Or if you are on dialysis
• Pulmonary hypertension
• Angina
• Heart Disease
• Heart rhythmic disorders
• Erection lasting longer than 4 hours

When taking Cialis, it is important to not take is more than once each day. Missed doses are ok. But do not take your missed dose if your next dose will both be in the same day. There are some common and uncommon side effects that are related to the taking of Cialis. Some common side effects may include but are not limited to:
• Indigestion
• Muscle aches
• Flushing
• Headache
• Runny nose

Possible serious side effects

Possibly serious but uncommon side effects include:
• An erection that will not go away. EVEN IF YOU ARE ENJOYING IT seek immediate medical help
• A sudden loss or impairment of vision
• A sudden loss or impairment of hearing, sometimes with ringing in the ears
Cialis does not CURE ED, protect from sexually transmitted diseases, or heighten the sexual desire of a man. Cialis also is in no way a male birth control agent. If you have taken too much Cialis mistakenly or not, you should call your doctor or the Poisons Information Centre.

While Cialis can be bought online without a prescription in some places, caution should be taken to ensure that you are getting Cialis instead of purchasing a counterfeit. The safest way to buy Cialis is from a pharmacy either in store or an online pharmacy that is reputable. Your doctor can advise you.