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Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

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Generic Cialis in South Africa


Men who have ever experienced a disease related to enlarged prostrate called benign prostatic hypertrophy,pulmonary artery hypertension or erectile dysfunction can perfectly attest to the benefits
of Cialis (also under the name Tadalafil).It is stressful sometimes for a man who is encountering a challenge of erection when he is sexually stimulated because it denies him the opportunity to enjoy his conjugal rights properly.Hopefully,Cialis is the medication that has come to be the rescue of most men going through such difficulties.This is solely because Cialis increases the amount of blood flowing to the penis during sexual intercourse.However,it is also crucial to note that despite its benefits, Cialis has numerous side effects that comes along with and therefore should be taken under high medical supervision.Throughout this article am going to give you in-depth knowledge about Cialis.

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How It Works

For you to comprehend how Cialis works in your body you must first understand how erection process occurs.I will briefly take you through the process of erection in order for you to understand the function of Cialis easily.Erection occurs when there is a release of nitric oxide into the penis which triggers synthesis of cGMP.This chemical substance ensures that blood vessels that take blood out of penis contract while those that bring in dilate. This eventually causes erection.Contrary,there is another substance called PDES which destroys cGMP.When cGMP is destroyed then erection will automatically come to an end.So Cialis actually prolongs the erection by preventing the production of PDES.

How To Take Cialis

Cialis comes in three various doses 5mg,10mg and 20mg.It can only be taken once in a day because a dose of it will last for about 24 hours in your body.Make sure you follow prescriptions indicated and do not attempt to take overdose or under-dose of it. The drug tablet is swallowed as a whole and you can choose to take it with food or not.It is as well recommended that you take it just before sexual activity because it will not work minus sexual stimulation.Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from using Cialis medication.

Cialis Side Effects

Cialis has a variety of side effects but I will just concentrate on the most common side effects you are likely to encounter if you consume Cialis.Cialis has a potential to cause dyspensia,headache,respiratory tract illnesses,myalgia,nasal congestion ,cough and back pain.In addition,you may also face some illnesses such as belching,heartburn or indigestion.The list can be quite endless but the aforementioned are few most prevalent side effects as far as Cialis is concerned.

How To Buy Cialis Online In South Africa

To buy your Cialis online in South Africa,You can go to national press club website and order yours.Once your order is complete then your Cialis will be delivered to you as soon as possible free of charge.The prices ranges from $0.31 to $2.06 depending on your preference.Most online sellers in South Africa will sell it for you without prescription hence the need to consult a medical doctor for proper advice on how to take the medication.


Now you are aware of this Cialis its benefits,side effects and how to take it. As you plan to use it make sure you seek professional advice no to harm your body and always develop the habit of following instructions in order to realize ultimate results.