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Cialis: Treatment and side effects for erectile dysfunction. What is the correct dosage of Cialis to take for me?

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Cialis: lasts longer, works stronger – the bane of Viagra

There was a time when a man with erectile dysfunction would suffer in silence, ashamed to take the problem to his doctor and aware also that even if he managed to summon the courage to do so there would be very little that could be done. This could lead to depression, anxiety and in the worst case scenario a complete breakdown of the relationship between the man and his partner.

In previous times the market has been flooded with phony treatments for this most embarrassing of masculine problems and most of them have been simple quackery, promising things that they were not able to deliver and charging a King’s ransom into the bargain penis pumps, tablets that were mere placebos, creams that were never going to be effective and might even prove harmful.

Perhaps you find this a difficult subject to broach with your partner and perhaps it is even driving you apart? Perhaps your partner does not know how to raise the subject with you because he or she knows how very difficult it is for you? There is absolutely no need for it to drive a wedge into your relationship. Whatever your age or relationship status, help IS at hand.

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Happily we live in a new age these days and there are a new generation of treatments available for male erectile dysfunction

There is no need for this condition to be humiliating, degrading or something that is talked about only in hushed whispers, if it is talked about at all. Cialis is an easy to use, low side effect medication that works very quickly and will guarantee satisfaction for both yourself and your partner. Your doctor will be familiar with it, may even have personal experience of it! – and will be able to reassure you that it is not only safe to use but that it can and will help to put the zing back into your sex life.

Cialis is taken orally and can be obtained both by prescription or by purchasing online

There are no restrictions on its purchase on on its prescription. It is inexpensive and fast working and can be taken on a regular basis with no potential harm done. One small tablet will start working within the hour and the effects will last as long as you need them to, with no uncomfortable side effects or after effects.

Why Cialis is the best way to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is not a thing that any man should be ashamed or embarrassed about and Cialis is the best way for men who are thus afflicted to realise this fact. When you take this tablet you can do so in the full knowledge that you are most certainly not the only man doing so. Perhaps your best friend takes it also, or your brother or your colleague or your boss? But of course, until now, no-one has felt even slightly comfortable or happy discussing this fact.

The most important words to remember where this drug is concerned are effective, safe, cheap and reliable, not to mention well tested. Hundreds of thousands of men can and will attest to this drug’s effectiveness. Can anybody really put a price on saving their relationship and their self esteem? Would anyone really want to?

How to have the best night of your life with Cialis?

Heart disease and diabetes are known to be the leading killers of men around the world. For men living in Australia, the trend is just as bad and getting worse. These diseases facts should not be a surprise, but what if I told you erectile dysfunction ties in with these top killers? In this article, we are going to explore the connection between erectile dysfunction and health conditions. In addition to that, we are going to show you how to protect yourself from the damaging effects of ED and why you should consider Cialis for treatment. If you are worried about erectile problems, then you’ve come to the right place.

More than two million Australians get diagnosed with erectile problems every year. These numbers are rising at a higher rate than experts thought possible. The number of cases 10 years ago did not make it to the hundred thousand marks. It leaves a lot of pundits wondering what has caused such a spike in cases? The answer isn’t simple, but a lot of it points to poor diet and lack of physical activity. It is safe to say the average man consumes a large number of processed foods. Think of things like chips, candy, cakes, and low-quality meat. These types of food are easy on the wallet but are hard on the body.

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The average guy has no clue what is in their processed foods, so what I am about to disclose will shock you

The next time you open that bag of chips, check the bag. If you see the words preservatives, artificial flavor, or something you cannot pronounce, then its not real food. You are eating a mixture of chemicals designed to make whatever you are eating edible enough for consumption. You will find these words on almost all packages of candy, cake, and even meat. Chances are you’ve been eating this stuff for years without a clue.

So what do these chemicals do?

To put it in simple terms. It rots your insides

The arteries in your body become restricted with plaque build-up. When blood flow is slowed or cut off it causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems are the first warning sign your body gives you before you start to develop heart problems. In most cases, men think erectile dysfunction is a natural part of life. It is a myth that has been spread among men for so long that it is considered to be true. When erectile problems come into play it is hard to reverse. This is where Cialis comes into play.

Cialis works by relaxing the blood vessels in the body.

In addition to that, it widens the arteries to allow more blood flow. This reaction allows men the ability to form natural erections again. However, this isn’t the only thing Cialis does to help the body. Studies have shown that Cialis has properties that protect the heart. Also, the medication has been proven to increase the physical performance of its users by a moderate amount. So much so that experts compare taking 20mg of Cialis to a small injection of testosterone. Cialis does require a doctor’s visit and a prescription, but it is worth the hassle. Talk to your doctor about Cialis today.