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Viagra super active: buy with and without a prescription in South Africa

ED medicines are nothing new to the drug world as many offerings exist in this realm, but this one is something different and new. Viagra was at the forefront of this movement as being one of the first ED drugs on the market. A lot has improved since the beginnings of these drugs and that goes for Viagra itself, as there is something quite a bit newer to the formulation. This is where Viagra Super Active comes into play. It contains over 100mg of Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in the treatment of ED. This should be more than enough for any mans suffering from this problem to handle their sexual desires without the worry and effects suffered from ED. It works a bit different than your normal Viagra formula and is a lot stronger, works longer and won’t disappoint. It is chemically designed to enter and stay in the bloodstream faster and in a much longer time period than your typical Viagra medication. This is a huge plus and advancement over the original formula. This drugs is also designed to give you even longer erections that are more intense. The new formula also increases desire as a whole and works to stay in the system for up to 9 hours. The medicine takes about 120 minutes to work on average, but some notice a faster reaction to this. But be assured, once you hit this time period you will not have a problem whatsoever gaining and maintaining an erection that is certainly sure to last.

Buy Viagra super active

Buy Viagra super active

Precautions are noted for people who have had past physical injuries to their penis. These people have to consult with their doctor to ensure everything will be fine and not cause any new injury to past surgery or damage that may have occurred, so this is a very important thing to take special precautions towards.Another is if you have any congestive heart, blood pressure or any other general cardiac issues, as Viagra Super Active may not react well in people with these pre-existing conditions. People that also have renal failure or kidney problems in general need to also consult with their doctors before taking the drug. Another issue is that people who have had or have current gastric ulcers, as this could also cause issues with these existing injuries, Anyone with active bleeding or peptic ulcers that bleed are also things to look out for.

This medicine is available in South Africa in many places as there are pharmacy’s that the drug specifically. Here is a list of great resources for purchase:


All in all, this is a great drug option for anyone suffering from ED and it suited for today’s world and the new formula in Viagra Super Active is sure to make you happy and free you from the negative affects of ED and give you a fast acting solution to this very disconcerting problem and allow you to live a full life by being able to enjoy all of the pleasures of a normal sex life. This is easily one of, if not, the best option that currently exists on the market and is readily available with and without a prescription in South Africa.